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Brian Krzanich--Vice President and General Manager, Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Intel--discusses a wide range of manufacturing topics. It starts with a discussion of the 45nm production ramp that includes where yields are relative to 65nm. This includes the tactics behind how they got there so fast, as well as where 32nm is in the pipeline. There is also a discussion of cycle times and their progress there. Also of interest is the decision making behind the recent moves into Dalian, China and Vietnam. There is also a discussion of the progress as well as general discussion of why a safety and environmental focus work at both the corporate and global levels. Hear about some of the really good things Intel is doing as well as what they have committed to do on this front. Finally, I couldn't miss the opportunity to ask for his views on 450mm. He promises to make it fair from the equipment manufacturers this time around. Find out about the study going on at MIT to understand this.


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